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Make your own willow chair - instructional manual

An online manual for beginners. Colored photographs are included. Creating your own willow furniture pieces of patio furniture is a rewarding experience. We have in the past taught classes in building willow furniture. Many of our former students continue to make their own willow pieces and go on to teach others.

History of willow

Stick furniture has been around since man has wanted to sit down. China paintings from 1000 years ago show rustic stick chairs being used as furniture. Newonlinecasinosus.com There are many types of pieces, including stick, log, and bentwood. The bentwood chair can be traced back primarily to Europe. Settlers brought this design with them when they immigrated to North America.

This type of rustic furniture was very popular in the late 1800's and up to the early 1930's. Willow furniture has made a very strong comeback in the past 15 year period. Hand-crafted rustic willow furniture adds beauty to your landscaping, home, garden, or cottage.

There are approximately 170 different kinds of willow in this continent and many species have become bovegas casino no deposit bonus codes hybrid over the years.

Bent willow furniture and rustic willow furniture pieces can also be crafted from hardwood trees. If you live in an area that has an abundance of this type of tree, do not hesitate to use hardwood material for your framing and support pieces for wood furniture.

Traditionally for the office people use antique furniture and antique effect furniture. Office furniture online has changed from modern back to old and I am sure it is only a matter of time before we see willow furniture used in an increasingly diverse application.


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